General Tire presents – ‘Swim wild’
Swim Wild documents three brothers escaping the pressures of modern life with the aim to show UK motorists that ‘Anywhere is Possible’.

Working with Micheldever, the exclusive UK distributor of General Tire, the brand brings to life the very spirit of adventure that it aims to convey to UK consumers.


Following the influence of their grandma Wild and the pressures of 9-5 life, Robbie, Jack and Calum turned to the wonders of the outdoors and challenged themselves to swim the river that ran past their childhood home, the River Eden.


The video follows the three brothers as they talk about their inspiration for wild swimming and the factors that lead them to recapture “The childish joy of being outdoors”. With the tagline ‘Anywhere Is Possible’, the videos echo General Tire’s ethos of maximum performance, reliability and living life to the full.


The General Tire, Swim Wild series includes a set of videos explaining each brothers journey to swimming.


In 2016, the Wild Swimming Brothers became the first people to swim across the famous Saltstraumen, the most powerful maelstrom in the world.