June 2019

Rules Lottery “General Tire Network Israel“

  1. General
    1. This policy is intended to regulate the rules according to which a competition with will be conducted („the lottery“) by Hatzav Trade (1993) Ltd. („the Company“), which markets „General Tires“ nationwide.
    2. The lottery period will take place from June 24th, 2019 until August 7th 2018, for a total of 6.5 weeks.
    3. Employees of the Company and their relatives will be prevented from participating in the lottery.
    4. In the event of any discrepancy between the provisions of these policy (Articles) and any publication and / or other information, the provisions of these Articles shall prevail.

  2. Description of the lottery
    1. A participant who wishes to participate in the lottery will enter the website where the lottery is published: https://www.facebook.com/GeneralTireIsrael/ and will act in accordance with the following conditions (cumulatively)
      a. give like to the website
      b. comment the post
      c. Confirm that he has read the quiz rules and that he agrees to all of its terms;
    2. The lottery is one-time, and the participant will be allowed to enter and participate many times without restriction. A detection system will be programmed to identify participants who will participate but will not follow the rules and they will be disqualified.
    3. The participant may enter the lottery without limitation and only win once.
    4. Submission of incorrect details, whether intentionally or not, will result in the disqualification of the Participant.
    5. The participant waives any claim and / or demand regarding the determination of the screening system, the determination of which will be final and decisive.
    6. To remove any doubt and without derogating from the foregoing, the Company will be entitled to disqualify a participant and / or winner of the prize, in any case of breach of any of the terms of the Rules and / or fraudulent act and / or conduct against the Company and / or on its behalf and / others.
    7. The Company reserves the right to cancel the quiz, in whole or in part, to shorten its period, and to change the structure of the quiz, its period and the prizes granted under it, all in its sole discretion.

  3. Determination of winning participants and prizes
    1. Of all the participants in the quiz, who will answer the question (s) on the site, they will be randomly assigned each week to win the prize.
    2. The lottery will be held weekly, for 10 weeks during which the quiz will take place, and will be supervised by attorney Maoz Ofir, 22 Maskit Street in Herzliya and / or under the supervision of someone on his behalf.
    3. During the 11th week, a large and final lottery will be held among all the participants who answered the question correctly.
    4. The total prizes, which will be distributed to the winners, will amount to approximately NIS 20,000.
    5. Shortly after the lottery is held and the winner is determined, the Company will give the winner a notice regarding his winning and coordinate with him the date and manner of receipt of the prize. Such notice may be sent by email and / or SMS and / or Watsap and / or by any other means determined by the Company, and if the winning participant is not satisfied within five business days, the Company may transfer the prize to the next winner , The winner will not be entitled to any prize and he hereby waives any claim and / or claim and / or claim in connection therewith.
    6. The Company will allow the winner to receive the prize with such coordination, within 10 days from the date of giving notice, and if the prize is not collected as aforesaid, the Company may deny the entitlement of the winner to receive the prize.

  4. Conditions necessary to participate and win (cumulatively)
    1. The Participant shall confirm that he has read, understood and agreed to all terms and conditions of these Terms and Conditions.
    2. A condition for participating in the quiz and for winning prizes is that the participant is over the age of 18.
    3. The participant‘s personal information will be found to be identical to those that will be entered by him on the website where the quiz will be conducted.
    4. The winning participant may be required to sign and confirm that he has received the prize.
    5. The Company may use the details of the Participant, including, but not limited to, business needs, sending emails, telephone messages.
    6. The Company shall be entitled but not obligated to publish the name of the winner and its image with the prize on the Company‘s website and / or other means of communication, and the winning participant hereby grants the Company permission to publish as stated.

  5. Miscellaneous
    1. The Company will not be liable for any tax payment. Insofar as there is a duty to pay tax in respect of winning the prize, this will apply and be paid by the winning participant.
    2. Any malfunction and / or disruption and / or any other event that are not under the control of the Company shall not be considered a violation of the provisions of these Articles and shall not entitle the Participant to any relief and / or remedy.
    3. The results of the Lottery are final and in any question or dispute the decision of the Company and / or the Attorney will be final and binding and binding on anyone who participates or is involved in the quiz.
    4. The Company and the attorney do not bear any liability whatsoever in connection with the prizes and their realization and / or any result or damage, direct or indirect, of any kind whatsoever, related to participation in the lottery, prizes and / or their realization.
    5. By participating in the lottery, you declare that you have read and understood the provisions of the Rules and that you agree to all that is stated therein.
    6. The exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute arising from these Regulations shall be vested in the competent courts in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.
    7. All that is written in the masculine form should be regarded as true for the female tongue, and any written in the singular is also true for a single language, and vice versa.
    8. For inquiries and questions, please contact the company by e-mail: office@hatzav.co.il

Good luck!